What Is An Occupational Certificate? (Perfect answer)

An Occupation Certificate (OC) is a legal document, usually issued by a local government or private certifying authority. In short, the certificate gives legal permission for a building to be occupied and is often issued after the completion of a new building project.

What is an occupancy certificate?

  • A certificate of occupancy. A certificate of occupancy is a document issued by a local government agency or building department certifying a building’s compliance with applicable building codes and other laws, and indicating it to be in a condition suitable for occupancy.

What does occupation certificate mean?

Occupancy certificates are issued by the agencies and authorities of local government, which declares that the building is constructed as per the plans that were approved by the concerned authorities. Occupancy certificate is issued when a property is ready to be occupied.

What do you need for occupation certificate?

To lodge your application, you may need to provide a copy of one of the following:

  • development consent or complying development certificate.
  • construction certificate.
  • fire safety certificate.
  • compliance certificate.

Is occupation certificate necessary?

At present, as per the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act and BBMP Act, Occupancy Certificate is mandatory and is issued after a detailed check for violations.

What is difference between occupation certificate and completion certificate?

The OC is issued only once the building has been completed in all respects and can be occupied. So, the main difference between Completion certificate & Occupancy Certificate is that CC shows that the building construction is done as per the plan which was approved by the concerned authorities.

Can you sell a house without an occupation certificate NSW?

The property can be sold without an occupation certificate and it is not a required disclosure document.

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Can I buy property without OC?

1. Without a valid OC, your occupancy is illegal as it can be classified as an unauthorised structure by the authorities. 2. OC is crucial while applying for a home loan or loan to purchase a resale flat.

Can I sell flat without OC?

1. Yes, you can sell off the flat even in absence of OC as long as the buyer is willing to buy this. 2 Loses will have to be set off. 3 Property can be sold though the municipal taxes are in arrears.

Can I get a Khata without OC?

You may have your property registered, but without an OC, you will not be able to get a khata, which in a way entitles you as the legal owner of the property concerned. Not to forget, to obtain an OC, the builder needs to have a CC first,” mentions Prashant Thakur, head – research, ANAROCK Property Consultants.

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