What Is Acca Certificate?

  • ACCA stands for the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, which is a global body that provides students with a ‘Certified Chartered Accountant’ certification. ACCA duration depends on your level of education.

Is ACCA a certificate or degree?

ACCA is a Professional Qualification or Professional Degree that is recognised by several countries across the globe. It is offered by an internationally recognised body that has many decades of repute to its credit. ACCA Certificates are offered in proper convocation ceremonies conducted across the globe.

What is an ACCA certificate?

If you are an accountant and are working towards a prestigious qualification, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and ACCA ( Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ) may come to mind.

How do I get ACCA certificate?

To qualify as an ACCA member, a candidate will be required to do the following:

  1. Attempt and clear 13 exams (ACCA does provide upto 9 paper exemptions depending upon the candidate’s previous qualification)
  2. Record 36 months’ experience in a relevant role.
  3. Complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module.

Is ACCA certification worth?

It is worth doing ACCA in India, as it is recognized by most multinational companies (MNCs) operating in India, including the companies known as the Big Four (KPMG, Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)), the four largest professional services networks in the world.

What is ACCA salary?

An individual with ACCA qualification can earn an average salary of up to INR 8 lac p.a. The payscale generally ranges between INR 4 lac p.a. To INR 15 lac p.a. It could go higher too, depending upon candidate’s skills, company’s demands, competition, etc.

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Is ACCA equal to masters?

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) continues to recognise ACCA membership equivalent to a Master’s degree awarded by universities in Pakistan (involving 16 years of schooling i.e. Masters in Commerce).

Who is eligible for ACCA?

Eligibility: For entry to ACCA’s qualification, you should have completed 18 years of age and qualified the 10+2 exams with an aggregate of 65% in Mathematics/Accounts and English and a minimum of 50%in other subjects. The ACCA professional examinations are offered worldwide twice yearly, in June and December.

What qualification is ACCA?

The ACCA Qualification is the world leading accountancy qualification for aspiring financial professionals – providing students with the skills, knowledge and values to have successful careers and lead the organisations they work with into the future.

What is ACCA salary UK?

Typical ACCA qualified careers in the UK (average salaries): Banking – 25-30k. Auditing – 23-35k. Financial consultant – 45-50k. Taxation – 25-40k.

Is ACCA qualified a chartered accountant?

ACCA offer a number of different exams. The largest and most popular is the ACCA chartered accountant qualification – usually known simply as the ACCA qualification. Once you’ve passed the ACCA qualification, you become a Certified Chartered Accountant.

Is CA and ACCA same?

CA is only valid in India as the course is designed for India only. The Institute of Chartered Accountants is the authorized entity for the course. ACCA is more than 100 years old course and is accepted in more or less every country. CA is applicable only in India and was commenced in the year 1944.

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Can I finish ACCA in 2 years?

How quickly can I complete the ACCA qualification? We run four exam sessions per year. Students can sit a maximum of four exams at each session, and a maximum of eight distinct exams each calendar year. You could therefore complete all of the exams in two years.

Is ACCA good for future?

The ACCA can secure a job in consulting, advising, fund management and taxation etc abroad such as USA, UK, Dubai and Singapore. Financial or consulting job in the top-level MNCs. Starting your own business for advising, consulting, tax filing etc can be another career option for the ACCA.

Is ACCA difficult than CA?

Considering the duration, the number of papers, course levels and flexibility of both the courses, it is of no surprise that the CA course is usually considered to be tougher than ACCA. Due to this humongous difference in the percentage, CA is generally considered to be harder to pass than ACCA.

Is ACCA better than CPA?

ACCA is an international degree and is valid across the globe. CPA works for the Regulator of a business whereas ACCA is the Advance module of Finance. The work experience required for ACCA is 1-2 years whereas CPA requires 3 years. Both ACCA vs CPA degrees require a minimum qualification of graduation.

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