What Is A Trade Name Certificate? (Perfect answer)

It is just a certificate you are legally required to file, allowing you to legally do business under a certain name, and helps you open a bank account, as an example. For real asset protection it is recommended to form a separate entity (corporation, LLC, etc).

  • Trade Name Certificates. A Trade Name certificate is required under the Connecticut General Statutes for the purpose of identifying those individuals doing business in the state under a fictitious trade name, i.e., for consumer protection purposes. Any person conducting business under any assumed name shall file a Trade Name Certificate in the town they are doing business in.

How do I get a trade name certificate?

A Trade Name Certificate may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s office. Once it is completed with the business name and address, and the owner’s name and address, it must be notarized by a Notary or Town Clerk. It is then filed in the Town Clerk’s office with a $5 recording fee.

What is an example of a trade name?

A trade name is generally considered the name a business uses for advertising and sales purposes. A trade name is sometimes referred to as a “fictitious” or “doing business as (DBA)” title. For example, “ McDonald’s” may be the trade name, but the legal name is “McDonald’s Corporation.”

What is the purpose of a trade name?

A company typically uses a trade name to conduct business using a simpler name rather than using their formal and often lengthier name. Trade names are also used when a preferred name cannot be registered, often because it may already be registered or is too similar to a name that is already registered.

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What are trade name documents?

A Trade Name Registration or DBA Registration ( Doing Business As) is used if you are a sole proprietor, partnership, or incorporated company doing business with a name different from your personal name or legal name.

What is the difference between a trade name and a business name?

A business can opt to have their business name and trade name be the same. A trade name may also be called a doing business as (DBA) name. It’s the name the public sees. Businesses may use their trade or DBA name for marketing and sales purposes instead of their legal business name to help draw in more customers.

Do I need to register a trading name?

A trading name is the name (or names) used by a person, partnership or company for carrying out business which is not the same as their own name or official registered name. A business may use as many trading names as it requires, but these cannot be registered as official names of the company.

What does trade name mean on SBA application?

A trade name is the official name under which an individual as a sole proprietor or a company chooses to do business. A trade name is commonly known as a doing business as (DBA) name.

What is meant by trading name?

Trading names are used by companies that do not wish to operate under their registered name, for instance where a trading name was previously used by a company (private incorporation) and a business does not want to confuse their customers by changing its name and brand.

Can a trade name enter into a contract?

A contract can be entered into only by an individual (called a sole proprietor or just a proprietor), a corporation, a limited liability company (LLC) or a partnership. It is just a trade name or a “doing business as” name, which is usually abbreviated to “DBA.” So it cannot enter into contracts.

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What is the difference between trade name and LLC?

The LLC name, or legal name, is the official name of the entity that is used to sign documents, file tax returns, file lawsuits, or to submit a loan application with a bank. On the other hand, a business name, or trade name, is the name the public uses to identify your business.

Is a trade name the same as a DBA?

A trade name is also known as a fictitious name or a DBA (doing business as). A registered business entity can file for Registration of Trade Name (Form T-1) as long as the name is different from its registered name.

Is it worth trademarking a business name?

Securing a registered trademark protects your brand, and provides you with the tools to prevent someone using similar signs and riding off the back of your business. If you do not protect your trademark by registering it, then you may find you are legally prevented from expanding your business.

Can I use a business name without registering it?

You need to register a business name if you conduct business under a name other than your own. A business name, also known as a trading name, is a name or title under which a person, or other legal entity, carries on business. When you register a business name, you register it nationally.

What is trade name in SSM?

b) Trade Name is the name of the proposed business and must obtain prior approval from the Registrar of Business at Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia. Example: Kedai Dobi Mewah, Lucky Star Catering, or ABS Unggul Enterprise.

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How do you add a trade name?

How to apply

  1. Step 1: Choose a business name. Although there are few restrictions on a business name, you should choose your name carefully.
  2. Step 2: Get a Business Name Report. This step is recommended, but not mandatory.
  3. Step 3: Fill out the forms.
  4. Step 4: Take your Alberta registration information to a service provider.

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