In Oregon, When Is The Boat Owner Required To Renew A Certificate Of Number (registration)? (Best solution)

Registration is required every two years and allows the agency to send along pertinent boating safety and equipment information that can be passed along to customers.

How do I renew my boat registration in Oregon?

Boaters have three options to renew. The fastest option is online using the Marine Board’s online store at After completing the transaction, boaters can print a temporary permit and go boating right away. There is no transaction fee when using a credit or debit card online.

Do I have to register my boat in Oregon?

In Oregon, you must title and register your boat if it has any type of motor —electric, gas, or diesel—no matter the length of the boat. Non-motorized boats. Sailboats less than 12 feet in length. Boats registered in other states using Oregon waters for 60 days or less.

Does an Oregon boaters license expire?

The boating education card does not expire and does not need to be renewed. Therefore, it is NOT an Oregon Boating License!

How do I register my boat in Oregon?

A title is required in order to register.

  1. 1) Obtain the manufacturer’s statement of origin and/or bill of sale.
  2. 2) Obtain the application for boat title/registration.
  3. 3) Submit documents to the Marine Board with required fees.

How long does boat registration last in Oregon?

OREGON BOAT REGISTRATION INFORMATION Boat registrations are issued on a two calendar year basis, with all decals expiring Dec. 31.

Can you get boat tags online?

Registration number stickers can be purchased at hardware stores, marine equipment outlets and online ( BoatUS is a good reliable source that provides boat lettering for registration numbers, boat names and hailing ports).

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What document must you carry on board to operate a boat legally in Oregon?

Do you need a Boating Education Card in Oregon? Oregon law requires all motorized boat and PWC operators who are at least 16 years old and will be operating a boat over 10 hp to pass a boater safety course and to carry a boater education card.

What is a boat PIN number?

The hull identification number (HIN) on all boats built after November 1, 1972 is permanently affixed to the rear of the transom usually on the upper right corner. It is required by federal law and must appear on the registration application.

Can passengers drink on a boat in Oregon?

Under Oregon boating laws, boaters are allowed to drink alcohol if they otherwise are legal to drink, and they may also have open containers of alcohol on board. However, they are not allowed to be intoxicated while operating a boat — and that includes being one of several paddlers on a raft, according to the law.

Do kayaks need to be registered in Oregon?

Do you have to register a kayak in Oregon? No. Paddlecraft, including canoes and kayaks, should be registered and have a valid permit if in excess of 10 feet in length. However, these non-motorized vessels do not require registration.

Where must the Oregon registration numbers appear on the boat?

Registration Number and Decal Placement: The numbers must be affixed above the waterline, where they can be easily seen. The number must be in block letters that are at least 3 inches high and in a color that contrasts with the color of the boat. The number must be read from left to right.

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