How To Reactivate Pa Teaching Certificate? (Perfect answer)

How to reactivate an inactive PA Education Certificate?

  • An educator who holds an Inactive Pennsylvania certification can reactivate their certificate by: Completing the Act 48 credit requirement – visit our Act 48 FAQ webpage for more information or contact the Act 48 office: [email protected]

How do I make my PA Teaching Certificate active?

If you wish to reactivate your certificate, you must have completed 30 continuing education hours or one college credit during the past year.

What if my pa teaching certificate expires?

It is the responsibility of each certificate holder to obtain the Level II certificate before the service life of the Level I expires. Failure to do so will result in a lapsed certificate and the certificate holder will be ineligible for employment.

How many hours credits courses etc are required in order to maintain an active Pennsylvania certification?

Educators must maintain their certificates as active by earning six collegiate credits or six PDE-approved in-service credits or 180 continuing education hours or any combination of the above every five calendar years.

How do I check the status of my PA teaching certificate?

Logging into TIMS

  1. Go to
  2. Hover the mouse over “EDUCATORS”
  3. Click “Certification” from the drop down menu.
  4. Click the GREEN “TIMS Educator Online Certification System” box in the middle of the page.
  5. Thoroughly review Help With TIMS self-help options.

How long do teacher certifications last?

Teacher certification is typically valid for five years before renewal is required. Educators who have left the teaching profession for an extended period or who are still active, but simply forgot to renew certification, can apply for reinstatement of certification.

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Where do I find my pa teaching certificate number?


  1. Go to
  2. Hover the mouse over ‘EDUCATORS’
  3. Click ‘Certification’ from the drop down menu.
  4. Click the GREEN “TIMS Educator Online Certification System” box in the middle of the page.
  5. If you need to register for a username and password, click “Register” first.

Can you substitute teach in PA without certification?

If you wish to substitute teach in a Pennsylvania school, you must hold a PA teaching certificate. The Emergency Permit is only issued through joint application with a school district, which must verify that they have advertised for a substitute teacher and cannot find a certified, fully qualified applicant.

What is the Act 48?

Act 48 of 1999 requires all Pennsylvania educators holding Pennsylvania public school certification (including Instructional I and II, Educational Specialist I and II, Administrative, Supervisory, Letters of Eligibility, and all vocational certificates) to participate in ongoing professional education.

What is an instructional 1 certificate PA?

The initial certificate, Instructional I, is also known as a provisional or intern certificate. Depending on the type, it is valid for a specific number of years of service, during which the individual must complete an established set of requirements (e.g. coursework, teaching experience, or an induction program).

What does it mean to be a tenured teacher in PA?

— Under the Public School Code, tenure is a status enjoyed by professional employees that provides enhanced protection from termination of employment and layoffs. Temporary and professional employees attain tenure, and become professional employees, upon successful completion of a three-year probationary period.

How many ACT 48 hours is 3 credits?

Each Advancement Courses credit is approved for 30 continuing education hours, meaning one 3 credit course is equal to 90 Act 48 hours.

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How many ACT 48 credits do I need in PA?

All educators holding Pennsylvania public school certification must earn 180 Act 48 hours (approved professional development hours) every five years to remain in active status. The five-year period begins on the day the educator’s initial instructional certificate is issued.

Can I teach while getting certified?

Question: Can I teach while getting certified? Answer: Yes, many states have approved alternative teacher certification programs that are designed to allow students to teach part- or full-time while completing the required teacher preparation coursework.

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