How To Print Youth Protection Training Certificate? (Perfect answer)

  • Click “Menu” at the top left. Click “ My Dashboard.” Make sure you’re under “ My Training ” and “YPT.” Next to “YPT Status,” look for a small blue printer icon. Your browser will open a PDF that you can print or save to your computer. Hereof, how long does it take to complete Youth Protection training?

How do I print my BSA certificate?

How to print your Youth Protection training certificate

  1. Log in to
  2. Click “Menu” at the top left.
  3. Click “My Dashboard.”
  4. Make sure you’re under “My Training” and “YPT.”
  5. Next to “YPT Status,” look for a small blue printer icon.
  6. Your browser will open a PDF that you can print or save to your computer.

How long is Ypt training good for?

Youth Protection training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer’s Youth Protection training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be re-registered.

What are the 3 R’s of youth protection?

The “three R’s” of Youth Protection convey a simple message for the personal awareness of our youth members: Recognize that anyone could be a molester; Respond when someone is doing something that goes against your gut or against the safety guidelines; and Report attempted or actual molestation or any activity that you

Is Boy Scouts still a thing?

Today, popularity in outdoor events has waned and membership has dropped. However, BSA remains the largest scouting organization and one of the largest youth organizations in the United States, with about 1.2 million youth participants and about one million adult volunteers.

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Are girls allowed in Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts of America have announced that girls can now become Cub Scouts. Becoming a Cub is the first step on the way to attaining the Boy Scouts’ highest honor of Eagle Scout. Beginning in 2018 girls will be allowed to join Cub Scout “dens” as the groups are called. However, they will all be single-gender.

How many Eagle Scouts are there?

Eagle Scout is the highest advancement rank in Scouts BSA. In 2019, 61,366 Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank. From 1912 to 2019, 2,598,999 Scouts have earned the Eagle Scout rank.

What are the 5 P’s in child protection?

Children’s (NI) Order 1995 The 5 key principles of the Children’s Order 1995 are known as the 5 P’s: Prevention, Paramountcy, Partnership, Protection and Parental Responsibility.

Can Boy Scouts sleep in a tent alone?

Separate tenting arrangements must be provided for male and female adults as well as for male and female youth. Youth sharing tents must be no more than two years apart in age. In Cub Scouting, parents and guardians may share a tent with their family. In all other programs, youth and adults tent separately.

Can parents attend Boy Scout campouts?

Cub Scout youth should attend the camping event with their parent (s)/ guardian(s). The unit leader and a parent or legal guardian must agree to the arrangement, and all Youth Protection policies apply. At no time may another adult accept responsibility for more than one additional “non family member” youth.

Is Scouting dying?

Membership for the BSA’s flagship Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA programs dropped from 1.97 million in 2019 to 1.12 million in 2020, a 43% plunge, according to figures provided to The Associated Press. Court records show membership has fallen further since then, to about 762,000.

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Can atheist join Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts of America’s official position in the past has been that atheists and agnostics cannot participate as Scouts or adult Scout Leaders in its traditional Scouting programs. Organized religion has been an integral part of the international Scouting movement since its inception.

Why is Scouting declining?

“The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly presented obstacles to the BSA’s traditionally hands-on, in-person programming, and the related economic impact has forced families to make difficult decisions about their children’s participation in our programs and in other youth-serving organizations,” the Boy Scouts said.

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