How To Get Birth Certificate After 30 Years In India? (Perfect answer)

Can we get our birth certificate online in India?

  • India does not have a centralized online facility to obtain birth certificates. As of now, you will have to visit the office of Registrar of birth and death in your state to obtain records. Some states have made this available online, so make sure to do a quick google search (mention your state) before going there in person.

How can I get my birth certificate after 30 years in India?

The deputed registrar will apparently mark that no record of the birth of XYZ (applicant) born on, say, 21 December 1999, living in Delhi or any other location exists in the government records. With all these documents, you can apply for the birth certificate even after 30 years of your birth in India.

How do I get my birth certificate after 25 years?

You may contact the Municipal – office with an application enlisting your entire details such as your name, place and time of birth, name of your parents and a supporting document such as birth certificate provided by the Hospital or your School – leaving certificate where your date of birth has been recorded.

How can I get birth certificate after 40 years in India?

Make a request: The person should make a request to the Health Officer or Registrar at the registration office. The registrar may provide a prescribed printed application form to fill. Alternatively, he/she may issue an affidavit on his/her letterhead.

How do I apply for a late birth certificate?

The application should include the following documents:

  1. Gaon Burah’s Certificate/Ward Commissioner’s Certificate in respect of Municipality/Town Committee areas.
  2. Hospital Govt. / Pvt.
  3. School Certificate/Admit Card (for age 6 years and above) or parent’s details Affidavit.
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Can I get birth certificate online?

Order official, certified vital records online – quickly and securely. For 25 years, VitalChek has been an official, government-authorized service for citizens to securely order certified birth certificates and other vital records from official government agencies nationwide.

Can I get Indian passport without birth certificate?

According to the Passport Rules 1980, anybody born on or after 26 January 1989 had to submit his/her birth certificate to get a passport. A birth certificate is no longer mandatory to apply for a passport in India.

Can I apply birth certificate online in India?

One can get a birth certificate online through the Birth and Death Registration website. Proof of birth letter, birth certificate of parents and address proof will be needed to get a birth certificate. The concerned Municipal corporation issues a birth certificate in India.

How do I get an age certificate?

Required Document For Age Proof: Matriculation/10th Standard or equivalent certificate indicating Date of Birth issued by Central/State Board indicating Date of Birth.

How do I get a birth certificate for home delivery?

Step 1: Get a birth Certificate Registration Form from the registrar’s office (from your municipal authority). Step 2: When a child is born in a hospital, the form is provided by the Medical Officer In-charge. Step 3: Fill in the form within 21 days of birth of the child.

How can I get my 40 year old birth certificate in Delhi?

To obtain a birth certificate in Delhi, submit the following documents along with the application form. Proof of birth of the child in respect to whom the certification is required. Affidavit considering place, date and time of the birth of the person. Residential certificate of the parent of the respective year.

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What is the alternative for birth certificate for green card?

You may be able to use a birth affidavit. When filing Form I-485, you may submit a photocopy of an original or certified copy of your birth certificate. However, we highly recommend that you take an original or certified copy of the birth certificate to the adjustment of status interview.

How can I get birth certificate from Green Card in India?

The best option is to get a letter from your home country authority like the municipality in India that they have no record and cannot issue a birth certificate for you. This letter should be issued by the municipal authority from your birthplace.

How can I get my birth certificate after 30 years in Tamilnadu?

To get the birth certificate, one has to approach the authority and apply for the certificate on any working day. Beyond the prescribed time limit,

  1. 21 to 30 Days – with penalty of Rs.
  2. 30 days to 1 year – written permission of the Officer prescribed and on payment of late fee of Rs.

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