How Do I Get A Paraprofessional Certificate? (Solution)

How Do I Become a Licensed Paraprofessional?

  1. Hold an associate’s degree or higher in any subject from a GaPSC-accepted accredited institution;
  2. Have completed 2 years (60 semester hours) of college coursework above the remedial level at a GaPSC-accepted accredited institution with a grade of “C” or better;

Why to become a paraprofessional?

  • There are many reasons why you might like to become a paraprofessional. Many take up this role because they are working towards credentials in the field. Some did not have the opportunity to go to college, but still have the relevant experience to take on the kind of roles available.

How do you become a certified paraprofessional?

Earn certifications.

  1. Earn a high school diploma or GED. Paraprofessionals need to have at least a high school diploma or GED certificate.
  2. Complete a college education. Many school districts require paraprofessionals to have at least an associate degree.
  3. Obtain training or experience.
  4. Pass an assessment.
  5. Earn certifications.

Can you be a paraprofessional without a degree?

Paraprofessionals can usually get started in the field without a four-year college degree, but it helps to have completed some college courses or an Associate’s degree, particularly in Education.

How much does the Parapro test cost?

Test center appointments: The test fee is $55. Some test centers may charge an additional premium or proctoring fee.

Can I take the Parapro test at home?

At Home Testing You can take the ParaPro test remotely on your own computer at home or another secure location. The test is monitored by a human proctor online through ProProctor ®, and appointments are available 8 a.m.–5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

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How hard is the paraprofessional test?

The Parapro itself is a bit easier than the questions in this book. By the way, you can miss 6 questions and still get the highest possible score on the test, so if you prepare reasonably well, you should have no problem passing.

How do I study for the paraprofessional test?

Tips for Taking the ParaPro Assessment

  1. FAMILIARIZE yourself with the test before taking it.
  2. READ the directions carefully.
  3. CONSIDER all answer choices before marking one.
  4. PACE your activities.
  5. GUESS rather than not respond at all.
  6. MARK your answers clearly, and give only one answer per question.

Can anyone take the Parapro test?

Taking the ParaPro Assessment does not require any specific age, so, as long as you can cover the registration fee, you should be able to take the test. Your local school system may mandate additional employment qualifications, so check with them before registering to test.

What is the difference between a paraprofessional and an aide?

A paraprofessional is a non-certified instructional staff person who does not hold the position of teacher, but assists in the classroom under the guidance of a teacher. Sometimes paraprofessionals are called teacher aides or instructional aides.

Is it hard to become a paraprofessional?

Being a paraprofessional was the hardest job I’ve ever had, and it didn’t include any of the things we regularly consider difficult from a teaching perspective. Even acknowledging these challenges is a step in the right direction for schools with a paraprofessional in the building.

What skills are needed to be a paraprofessional?

Paraprofessional skills and qualifications

  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Ability to assist in classroom instruction and learning.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Ability to work closely with children.
  • Excellent teamwork skills.
  • Ability to remain calm and patient at all times.
  • Knowledge of classroom subjects.
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What kind of questions are on the paraprofessional test?

Format: The ParaPro contains three content categories: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Each content category has about 30 selected-response questions. There are 90 total questions in all on the exam.

Which of these are examples of paraprofessional careers?

Paraprofessional jobs include work as a paramedic. School paraprofessionals might also students help board and unload from school buses or aid students who have physical disabilities. In addition to working in classrooms, they often serve as cafeteria or playground monitors.

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