1928 twenty dollar gold certificate

What is a 1928 20 dollar gold certificate worth?

The small size $20 gold certificate was only issued for 1928. Like other twenty dollar bills from the same year, this one shows a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the center of the bill. Circulated examples sell for around $60, high grade specimens are worth a multiple of that price.

How much is a 1928 $10 gold certificate worth?

Series of 1928 $10 gold certificates are very common. Most examples can be purchased for around $50 in circulated condition. This is the first year that Alexander Hamilton was shown on the $10 bill. If the serial number is lower than 1000 or begins with a star symbol then it will be worth more money.

How much is a gold certificate worth?

The U.S. abandoned the gold standard in 1933. Gold certificates issued by the U.S. Mint are now collectors’ items. A gold certificate can be purchased on eBay for about $10-$200 or more depending on its age, rarity, and condition.

How much is a 1922 $50 gold certificate worth?

Price Guide for Rare Gold Certificates

$50 Bill Front Picture: Value and Other Information: This is the last large size $50 gold certificate issued by The United States. Most of these sell for between $200 and $1,000 in circulated condition. There are two varieties.

What is a 1922 10 dollar gold certificate worth?

Most notes in this grade range sell for between $300 and $500. Fine to Very Fine: 1922 $10 gold certificates can pretty much be bought at will in the grades of Fine 12 to Very Fine 35. Prices range from about $90 to $250.

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What kind of money is a gold certificate?

A gold certificate in general is a certificate of ownership that gold owners hold instead of storing the actual gold. It has both a historic meaning as a U.S. paper currency (1863–1933) and a current meaning as a way to invest in gold.

What is $100 gold certificate worth?

1928 $100 gold certificates are very common. They can be bought for as little as $250. The condition and serial number of each note is very important. If the serial number begins with a star symbol, or is less than 1000, then expect a nice premium.

Who is the black man on the back of a $2 bill?

Robert Morris

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