Cold war certificate

How do I get my Cold War certificate?

Follow these instructions to submit your application.

  1. Fill out the application (NEW APPLICATION LINK) depending upon your current mailing address. Complete all fields that are applicable.
  2. Print the application. …
  3. Mail or fax the application to the Cold War Office along with your supporting document to:

Are Cold War certificates still available?

26, 1991. Cold War Recognition Certificates are available to qualified individuals at no cost. Any other sites offering to sell this certificate, a replica of the certificate, or anything else referred to as a Cold War medal or certificate, are not official sites and are not approved or endorsed by the US Army.

Is there an official Cold War medal?

The Cold War Victory Medal is both an official medal of the U.S. National Guard and an unofficial military medal of the United States. It is awarded by the U.S. states of Louisiana and Texas, and in ribbon form only by the State of Alaska.

Is there a Cold War ribbon?

The National Guard of Alaska authorizes the award of the Cold War Victory Ribbon. The medal is not authorized for wear on any U.S. Armed Forces active duty uniform. … The Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States has officially adopted the medal in recognition of those who served during the Cold War.

Can you be a Cold War veteran?

Cold War Certificates are available for eligible service-members, veterans, and civilians who faithfully served the United States during the Cold War Era, September 2, 1945 to December 26, 1991. The certificates were authorized by the 1998 National Defense Authorization Act.

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Who won the Cold War?

Following the Allies’ May 1945 victory, the Soviets effectively occupied Central and Eastern Europe, while strong US and Western allied forces remained in Western Europe.

Why is there no Cold War medal?

“There’s no such medal for the Cold War, which has left many veterans from that era feeling like their service has been forgotten. They were instrumental in defending our country during a dangerous period of constant threats.

What does a Bronze Star mean on a ribbon?

The Bronze Star is awarded for meritorious service or acts of valor while serving in combat operations. … It is important to note that service stars, unlike the Bronze Star, are not individual medals. Service stars are attached to the ribbon of a particular campaign medal and are approximately 3/16th of an inch.

How many Bronze Star Medals have been awarded?

There were 395,380 Bronze Stars awarded to World War II veterans; 30,359 for Korea; 170,626 for valor and 549,343 for achievement/service for Vietnam (the first time valor medals were tracked separately); and 2,459 for valor and 99,886 for achievement/service for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Who is eligible for the Global War on Terrorism Medal?

Criteria. To receive the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, a military service member must have served on active duty during a designated anti-terrorism operation for a minimum 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days.

Can military medals be worn on civilian clothes?

It is permissible for veterans and retirees to wear military awards on civilian clothes for gatherings of a military theme. On significant holidays, veterans and retirees are encouraged to wear their awards and medals. The choice of either full-size medal or miniature is an individual one.

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Can I wear commemorative medals?

We are often asked if armed forces service personnel and ex service personnel are allowed to wear commemorative medals. … Ex service personnel can wear commemorative medals in a row underneath any official military medals. There is no official policy as such however conversation with the MoD has confirmed this approach.

How many Cold War veterans are there?

There is no specific breakdown for Cold War veterans, but there were 181,361 peacetime veterans, according to the latest figures. Nationally, there were nearly 22 million veterans as of Sept.

Can Cold War veterans join the VFW?

There are many groups for Cold War veterans, atomic veterans and those who served in Europe. Two of the largest veterans groups, the VFW and the American Legion don’t accept Cold War veterans into their ranks.

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