What Is Degree Certificate Attestation?

A demonstration that your degree documents are genuine is required in order to testify to your degree certificate. Documents proving that you have met the educational requirements for a degree are called degree certificates. The degree certificates will be issued by the college or institution from which you earned your degree once all degree requirements have been met.

What is the UK degree attestation process?

  • How does the degree attestation procedure work in the UK?
  • Depending on the nation in which you wish to use your degree, you must go through either a two- or a three-stage process in order to get it ready for use there.
  • You will need to have the degree certificate (and the transcript, if it is necessary) notarized and then apostilled at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in all circumstances.

What is attestation of degree certificate for UAE?

The authenticity of this certificate may be verified by the attestation that was placed on your degree. There is a multitude of attestation firms that provide their services for the certification of degree certificates for the UAE, which makes the procedure simpler and your life easier. What exactly is it, and why does it matter so much?

How long does it take to get an educational certificate attested?

  • A To get your educational certificates authenticated typically requires anywhere from seven to eight working days to complete the process.
  • However, the time period may differ depending on a number of factors, including the country for which the document is being authenticated, the type of documents being authenticated, and the organizations participating in the attestation process, such as the university or institute that originally issued the document.

What is the meaning of degree attestation?

The act of witnessing a degree certificate by an authorized person or individuals, Departments, or authorities with their official seal and signature is known as ″attestation of degree certificates.″ Attestation of Degree Certificates

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Can I attest degree certificate?

This attestation verifies, in addition, that the specific degree certificate was issued by the department that was indicated, and that the seal and signature on the particular degree certificate in question are legitimate. Attestation of an Indian degree certificate can be performed in the nation where the certificate was initially awarded.

Why is degree attestation needed?

The attestation of a degree is frequently required in order to get a work visa in a foreign country. This necessitates obtaining first an attestation of the original degree certificates from the nation in which the degree was conferred, and then afterwards obtaining an attestation of the certificates from the nation in which employment is sought.

What is meant by certificate attestation?

  • Attestation: What Does That Mean?
  • The process of attesting a formal document involves first acting as a witness to the signing of the document, and then signing the document oneself as a means of validating the signatures of the individuals who are legally obligated to abide by its terms.
  • The term ″attestation″ refers to both the legal confirmation of the genuineness of a document as well as the verification that the appropriate procedures were carried out.

How do I get my degree attested?

Review the steps that need to be taken for your degree certificate’s attestation, which are outlined in detail below (which is the same for the majority of the countries).

  1. In certain nations, a Notary Public Stamp on the Certificate (if it is necessary) is completely optional.
  2. Confirmation from the Education Department of the State or Other Appropriate Authority

What are the documents required for degree attestation?

  • A copy of a valid computerized national identity card or passport (in the case of a foreign national only) must be shown and must be visible to the naked eye.
  • Only the applicant’s transcript and degree should be submitted for attestation, not the applicant’s whole academic record.
  • Even though attestation of the transcript or result card is not necessary, you are still obliged to submit it together with your degree.
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How much does attestation cost?

Fee Structure

VFS Global’s Service Charges for MEA Attestation+Apostille
Personal Documents INR 649 (per document)
Educational Documents INR 649 (per document)
Commercial Documents INR 649 (per document)

What is the cost of certificate attestation in India?

The service price that will be charged by the outsourced agencies per document for its collection and delivery for Apostille or routine attestation by MEA will be Rs. 90/-, and the fee that will be charged per page will be Rs. 3. (Scanning Fee).

What is the procedure for certificate attestation?

ATTESTATION PROCEDURE FOR EDUCATIONAL DOCUMENTS It is necessary to provide the Embassy or Consulate with the original certificates and papers, as well as a photocopy of each, as well as a copy of the individual’s passport, in order to get an attestation. It is required that the original passport be shown for inspection before it may be returned.

Is degree certificate mandatory for UAE visa?

The attestation of a degree certificate is a required step in the process of obtaining a Dubai visa, which is necessary if one want to apply for employment or get family residency in Dubai.

What is UAE attested degree?

The practice of acquiring a stamp or signature on a document from the authorized agency is known as obtaining an attestation from the UAE embassy. It is often necessary in order to get an education visa, a family visa, or an employment visa for the UAE. To certify a certificate for use in the UAE, it is necessary to demonstrate the certificate’s authenticity before it may be used there.

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How can I get certificate attestation in UAE?


  1. FIRST STEP: GET YOURSELF REGISTERED. Launch the online registration system for the MoFAIC
  2. The next step is to submit an application for MOFAIC authentication in the UAE. After you have successfully logged in to the portal, the website will take you to an intelligent form.

What is attestation and examples?

  • Attestation can refer to either the act of demonstrating that something is true or the evidence that demonstrates that something is true.
  • An attestation can take the form of a letter of endorsement, for instance.
  • 2.
  • The act of authenticating a document by seeing the execution of the document at the request of the person signing the document, and then signing the document as a witness after observing the execution of the document.

Who can attest documents in India?

A person has to get in touch with a doctor working at a government hospital, the district superintendent of police, or a sub-divisional, first class, or additional district magistrate in order to receive an attestation.

How do you self attest a document?

It is sufficient to put your signature on a photocopy of the document you want to certify in order to complete the process of self-attestation. Write a statement such as ″True copy″ or ″Self-attested copy″ on the copy of your document that you have just cleaned up after you have finished making it. After that, affix your signature in the space immediately below it.

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