What Is A Wildcard Ssl Certificate?

A single certificate that has a wildcard character (*) in the domain name field can be referred to as an SSL/TLS Wildcard certificate.This enables the certificate to protect various host names that correspond to different subdomains that are part of the same base domain.When a client verifies the sub domain name in a certificate of this kind, the client makes use of a shell expansion technique to determine whether or not the sub domain name matches.

What is a wildcard character in SSL certificate?

A ″wildcard character″ is a placeholder character used in computing that may stand in for other characters.This character is most commonly an asterisk.An SSL or TLS certificate is referred to as a ″wildcard certificate″ when it contains a wildcard character that makes it possible for the certificate to be used to protect many subdomains of a single domain.Why do I need an SSL certificate that supports wildcards?

How do I secure my website with a wildcard certificate?

For instance, the domains www.coolexample.com, blog.coolexample.com, and store.coolexample.com can all be protected by a single Wildcard certificate.When you submit your request, wildcard certificates protect not just the main domain but also all of the subdomains at the level you designate.Simply place an asterisk (*) in the field to the left of the common name that is designated for the subdomain.

How many subdomains can I secure with a wildcard certificate?

A single domain and up to 250 subdomains can be protected by using a wildcard certificate. You may now buy any DigiCert certificate as a wildcard by adding SANs to your order, which will allow you to effortlessly manage various subdomains while also saving money. This is only one illustration:

What is the difference between a San and a wildcard certificate?

The maximum number of entries that may be protected by a SAN or UC certificate is 500.Depending on the price plan, it is possible that you may be required to pay additional fees for wildcard domains (such as *.yoursite.com) or for any domain that exceeds a particular threshold of domains that are included.In contrast, a wildcard certificate can only cover a single domain, but a universal certificate (UC) can cover a reasonably large number of domains.

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What is the difference between an SSL certificate and a wildcard SSL certificate?

A typical SSL certificate, often known as a single domain certificate, may only be used to secure a single domain name. Your domain as well as an infinite number of first-level subdomains can be protected by using a wildcard SSL certificate.

Why do you need a wildcard SSL certificate?

A wildcard SSL certificate offers the ability to secure an infinite number of subdomains across various servers. In addition to that, it provides limitless server licenses, re-issuance, a FREE trust seal, 256-bit encryption, and a variety of other features.

Is it safe to use wildcard certificate?

The use of wildcard certificates makes it possible to cover all of the mentioned domains using the same private key, which makes management much simpler.Because the same private key is used across scattered systems when using wildcard certificates, there is an increased risk of a compromise that affects the whole business.This is true despite the fact that there are benefits to using wildcard certificates.

Can I use a wildcard certificate on multiple servers?

Is it possible for me to utilize a Wildcard SSL Certificate on more than one server? There is no limit to the number of servers that can make use of a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

How much does a wildcard SSL certificate cost?

Comparative Analysis of Wildcard SSL Certificate Costs

Positive SSL Wildcard Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard
Price $69.78/year $1,018.42/year
Issuance 10 Minutes 1-2 Days
Validation Domain Organization
Warranty $10,000 $1,500,000

How do you tell if a certificate is a wildcard?

If the domain listed on the certificate is *.domain.com, then it is a wildcard certificate; if the domain listed is domain.com, then it is specific to that domain. Since the SSL certificate is tied into a domain name, simply inspect the certificate to determine whether it is a wildcard or specific certificate.

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What does a wildcard certificate look like?

A digital certificate known as a wildcard certificate is one that may be used to secure a whole domain together with all of its subdomains.In domain name notation, a wildcard is denoted by placing an asterisk and a period before the domain name.In order to extend Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption across subdomains, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates frequently make use of wildcards.

What is a wildcard domain?

A record in a DNS zone known as a wildcard DNS record is one that will match queries for domain names that do not yet exist. The asterisk (*) must be used as the first label (component) of a domain name in order to provide a wildcard DNS record, for example, *.example.com.

Should I buy a wildcard certificate?

Why should I consider getting a Wildcard SSL certificate? A wildcard SSL certificate is an option to consider for anyone who needs to secure several subdomains that are all part of the same domain. You may avoid the hassle of installing several certificates to cover each particular subdomain by making use of a Wildcard SSL certificate instead. This certificate covers all of the subdomains.

How do I get a wildcard SSL certificate?

In order to issue an SSL/TLS certificate with wildcard support:

  1. Navigate to Websites & Domains, locate the domain whose security you wish to improve, and then click the Let’s Encrypt button.
  2. Check the box labeled ″Issue wildcard certificate,″ then pick any more domain aliases you’d like to protect, if any are available.

How do I use my Godaddy wildcard certificate?

You may access your Godaddy account by logging in.After clicking on SSL certificates, select ‘Manage’ from the drop-down menu.After that, select ″View Status″ by clicking on the link.After clicking on ″Manage,″ continue by selecting ″Re-Key certificate″ from the drop-down menu.

  • Copy the whole CSR and paste it into the space designated for SSL requests inside your account, then click the ″SAVE″ button.
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Does a wildcard certificate have a private key?

SSL certificates that include wildcards encrypt data using a collection of keys, much like single-name certificates do. This comprises both a public key and a private key, the former of which is retained on the digital certificate, and the latter of which is saved on your server.

Can you have 2 SSL certificates on one server?

A significant number of individuals are interested in learning whether or not it is possible to install several SSL certificates on a single domain. The correct response is ″yes.″

Where do I put Wildcard certificates?

  1. Installing your Wildcard SSL Certificate on IIS 7 or 8 is the next step. Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager may be found by going to the Start menu.
  2. To connect to the appropriate server, pick its name from the menu on the left.
  3. Choose Server Certificates from the drop-down menu in the Features Pane located under Security.
  4. Click the Complete Certificate Request button located in the Actions Pane.

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