Texas sales and use resale certificate

How do I get a Texas sales and use tax resale certificate?

Steps for filling out Form 01-339 Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate

  1. Step 1 – Begin by downloading the Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate Form 01-339.
  2. Step 2 – Identify the name, address and phone number of the purchaser.

Is a sales tax permit the same as a resale certificate in Texas?

In Texas, unlike in other states, resale certificates and sales tax permits are not interchangeable. (Though, if you live and have sales tax nexus in Texas and are buying something for resale in Texas then you should have a Texas sales tax permit.)

Does Texas have a resale certificate?

What Are Resale Certificates? In Texas, the sale of a taxable item that is intended for resale is exempt from sales tax. … Basically, the resale certificate is a guarantee to the seller that you intend on reselling the items and that the sales tax doesn’t need to be collected at the time of purchase.

How long does it take to get a resale certificate in Texas?

How long does it take to receive your Texas sales tax permit? According to the Texas Comptroller of Public accounts website, it takes 2-4 weeks to receive your permit once they have received your signed application.

Is a resale certificate the same as a seller’s permit?

A seller’s permit is a state license that allows you to sell items at the wholesale or retail level and to issue resale certificates to suppliers. Issuing a resale certificate allows you to buy items you will sell in your business operations without paying amounts for tax to your suppliers.

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Who pays for resale certificate in Texas?

On or around 5/7/2012 Texas Legislation changed who could obtain and pay for resale certificate. Previously only the seller could obtain resale certificate. With new legislation the buyer now has the ability to obtain the resale certificate. TAR-1922 clearly states who – buyer or seller will pay for resale certificate.

What do I need to buy wholesale in Texas?

To obtain a wholesale license, contact the Texas tax or revenue office to find out application fees and complete the application process. Once you have registered your business as a wholesaler, your business will not have to pay sales tax on items that you plan to resell.

How does a resale license work?

States issue resale licenses to businesses and individuals involved in selling goods and services subject to sales tax. The license enables a business to buy wholesale goods for resale without paying sales tax. In turn, the state requires the business to report regularly on sales tax collected and pay it to the state.

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