Ssl certificate for subdomain

Do you need SSL Certificate for subdomain?

Yes, in general, a different SSL would be required for each subdomain, because each subdomain is considered a separate domain. However, there are wildcard SSL certificates available on the SSL market. The simple answer is that each subdomain needs its own SSL certificate.

How do I create a SSL certificate for a subdomain?

Bought your SSL certificate for SUBDOMAIN.DOMAIN.COM.

  1. Step 1: In the DOMAIN.COM cPanel, Create the subdomain you are going to use ( SUBDOMAIN.DOMAIN.COM )
  2. Step 2: In Servers WHM, “Add a DNS Zone” by specifying a unique IP address and the full subdomain URL ( SUBDOMAIN.DOMAIN.COM ).

Can I use SSL certificate on multiple subdomains?

The simple answer is a resounding Yes! You absolutely can use one SSL certificate for multiple domains — or one SSL certificate for multiple subdomains in addition to domains.

How do I make my subdomain secure?

  1. Setup your subdomains.
  2. In cpanel go to SSL/TLS.
  3. Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS) > Manage SSL sites.
  4. add the key and certificate you gets from step 2 to all domains and subdomains.

How much does a wildcard SSL certificate cost?

Wildcard SSL ComparisonHow does DigiCert Wildcard SSL compare to other wildcard SSL certificates?DigiCert DigiCert Wildcard SSLNetwork Solutions Wildcard1-Year Price$688 USD$649 USD2-Year Price$1,307 USD$1,158 USDNo multi-server license fees. You never pay more than the listed price.Warranty$1,000,000$1,000,000

How do I get an SSL certificate?

How To Order An SSL Certificate

  1. Prepare by getting your server set up and getting your WHOIS record updated (it needs to show the correct company name and address), etc.
  2. Generate the CSR on the server.
  3. Submit the CSR and other info to the Certificate Authority.
  4. Have your domain and company validated.
  5. Receive and install the issued certificate.
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How can I get a free SSL certificate?

Simply login to your hosting account’s cPanel dashboard and scroll down to the ‘Security’ section. Bluehost users will find the free SSL option by visiting My Sites » Manage Site page. From here, you can switch to the security tab and turn on free SSL certificate for your website.

Do wildcard certificates work for subdomains?

In general, Wildcard Certificates can only be used to secure first-level sub-domains of the domain to which they are issued. … By default, Wildcard Certificates only secure a specific subdomain level. For example, if your certificate is for *., it will secure subdomains of the same level.

How do I get a Letsencrypt wildcard certificate?

  1. Step 1: Setup Pre-requisites. If you already have a droplet or a system then make sure your system have Python 2.7 or 3 and git installed on it. …
  2. Step 2: Setup Certbot. …
  3. Step 3: Generate The Wildcard SSL Certificate. …
  4. Step 4: Authenticate The Domain’s Ownership. …
  5. Step 5: Get The Certificate. …
  6. Step 6: Cross Verify The Certificate.

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Can a subdomain have WWW?

Overview. Generally, the www prefix is not used when using subdomains. If you want to use the prefix with your subdomain, you can make a vhost file and add this behavior as part of your domain configuration.

Can I install SSL certificate on multiple servers?

The process of installing one certificate across multiple servers requires the following steps: … Import the files and private key to your additional servers. Configure your additional servers to use the SSL certificate that you imported.

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Can we use single SSL certificate on multiple servers?

No matter what language you speak, no matter what industry you work in, the answer is still the same: Yes, you can use one SSL certificate for multiple domains on the same server. And, depending on the vendor, you also can use one SSL certificate on multiple servers.

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