How To Obtain A Death Certificate In California?

  1. You may obtain a copy of the state form by visiting the following website: Each county has its own set of forms, which may be found on the website of the county clerk’s office in that county
  2. If it has been less than six weeks following the death, the director of the funeral home where the person was laid to rest was probably able to provide you with certified copies of the death certificate
  3. If you want to request a death certificate in person from the county clerk’s office, you need to carry a picture identification card that has been issued by a legitimate government agency along with you so that the clerk can verify your identity
  4. Certain counties only maintain death certificates for the two years immediately preceding and following the current year

How to Obtain a Certified Copy of a Death Certificate in the State of California

  1. Submitting a request over the mail to the Vital Records Division of the California Department of Public Health
  2. Providing VitalChek with a request in an electronic format
  3. Addressing a letter of inquiry to the County Recorder or County Clerk in the jurisdiction where the certificate of death was first issued

How do I get a copy of a death certificate California?

  1. Records of deaths are made accessible two weeks following the occurrence date they pertain to.
  2. You have the option of requesting a copy from either the county where the death occurred or from the Vital Records section of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH-VR).
  3. Whereas counties are only able to release records for incidents that took place in their own jurisdiction, CDPH-VR issues vital records for the whole state of California.
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How to find out when someone died in California?

You can get a copy of the death record of a family member who passed away in the state of California by calling the California Department of Public Health and submitting a request in writing. Certified copies of California death records are only available to the deceased person’s immediate relatives. How can I find out the date that someone passed away in the state of California?

Is there a fee for a death record in California?

There is a distinction between the costs associated with obtaining a certified death record and those associated with obtaining an uncertified death record. You can make a request for and get copies of death records in the state of California in one of three different ways: in person, through the mail, or online.

Are birth and death records public in California?

Yes, all vital data in the state of California, including marriage records, birth records, and death records, are considered public information and can be accessed by anybody. How do I go about obtaining a copy of the California death record of a family member?

How long does it take to get a certificate of death in California?

Since there are four different parties involved in the process of producing the initial death certificate, the amount of time it takes to arrive might vary. On the other hand, it is not unusual for a county to take between two and three weeks to complete an order, while the state might take between three and four weeks.

Who can get a copy of a death certificate in California?

  1. Who Is Able to Obtain a Copy of a Death Certificate? A person who is the registrant’s parent or legal guardian
  2. A member of a law enforcement agency or a representative of another government agency who, in accordance with the provisions of the law, is engaged in the discharge of official business
  3. A parent, grandparent, or grandchild of the registrant
  4. A child, grandparent, or grandchild of the registrant
  5. A sibling of the registrant
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Can you get a death certificate online in California?

Certificates can be bought in person at our office, sent in the mail, or acquired online through VitalChek.

Are death certificates public record in California?

The California Public Documents Act (CPRA) grants citizens the right to see or receive copies of public records. This right may be used in accordance with the CPRA. Contacting the official record custodian is the first step for anybody interested in doing a search for birth records, death records, marriage records, or divorce records that are open to the public.

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