How To Get Your Paralegal Certificate?

  1. If you do not already have relevant work experience, you should wait until after you have finished your studies before attempting to become certified as a paralegal.
  2. If you want to get certified via the National Association of Legal Assistants, you will need to have either graduated from a paralegal training program or accumulated at least seven years of experience in addition to your high school diploma.

In order to become a qualified professional paralegal, candidates need to fulfill one of the following prerequisites before they may apply to take the exam and become certified:

  1. A minimum of five years’ experience working as a legal assistant or paralegal is required
  2. Possess a degree of at least a bachelor’s in paralegal studies
  3. Graduated from a program that is recognized by the ABA

How do I get certified to be a paralegal?

You may find out the whole list of prerequisites for certification by contacting the licensing authority in your state. Even though working as a paralegal in your state does not require certification, you should still think about being certified on a national level.

How many paralegal certification programs are there?

After researching over 20 different paralegal certification programs, we came up with this list of the best paralegal certification programs based on certain criteria, such as cost, the type of instruction provided, and the availability of student assistance.

Why should I get a paralegal certification?

Obtaining certification is evidence that you possess the abilities essential to operate as a paralegal, and it will boost the likelihood that you will obtain employment in a top law firm in your state if you do so. Certifications are offered by a variety of organizations.

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