How To Get A Tax Clearance Certificate From Sars Online?

E-filing instructions for requesting your current tax compliance status

  1. By selecting the Tax Compliance Status Request option and the kind of TCS to which you would want to apply, you may check if your business is in compliance with tax laws. You can choose between the following available options: Good standing. Tender.
  2. SARS requires that you fill out the Tax Compliance Status Request and send it to them.

What is SARS Tax Clearance Certificate (TCS)?

  • According to SARS, whether you are an individual or a corporation, at some point in time you will be required to provide or confirm your tax compliance status with another institution.
  • This is the case regardless of whether you are subject to taxation or not.
  • Taxpayers now have access to a new online system that was introduced by SARS in 2016 and was formerly known as the Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • This system enables taxpayers to check that they are in good standing with the Tax Compliance Status (TCS) service.

How do I print a tax clearance certificate?

  • You are still able to print a Tax Clearance Certificate after you have established a TCS PIN for your account.
  • To determine whether or not you are in tax compliance, you will need to log in to eFiling and then select Tax Status from the main menu.
  • This will bring you to the TCS part of the website.
  • There, you will need to select the Tax Compliance Status menu option and then go to the Activation section, which is seen in the following image.

How do I get a tax clearance certificate for R10 million?

  • Should you decide to make advantage of your R10 million foreign investment allowance, we are able to provide you with assistance in submitting your tax clearance application form to SARS and obtaining your Tax Clearance Certificate on your behalf.
  • If you would want our assistance in applying to the SARB for a special dispensation so that you can exceed the sums shown above, please let us know.

How do I download my SARS tax clearance certificate?

Downloads may be obtained by going to

  1. 1 Logon to eFiling. Register yourself as an eFiler at if you are not already one
  2. 2 Start using your TCS service by activating it. There is just a one-time requirement to activate your Tax Compliance Status, after which it will continue to be active
  3. 3. Open up your ″My Compliance Profile″ account
  4. 4 Request PIN on eFiling
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Can I still print a tax clearance certificate?

  • As of the 25th of October in 2019, SARS will replace the TCC function with a Tax Compliance Status (TCS) system that is electronic, more secure, and user-friendly.
  • As a result of this change, taxpayers will no longer be able to print Tax Compliance Certificates because they will need to utilize their TCS PIN (for more information, see below) in order to electronically share their Tax Compliance Status with third parties.

How long does it take to get a tax clearance certificate from SARS?

In South Africa, the shortest amount of time required to receive a Tax Clearance Pin Certificate is 24 hours. By utilizing our service for obtaining a Tax Clearance Pin Certificate, you will be able to receive a Tax Clearance Pin Certificate issued by SARS within twenty-four hours.

Does SARS issue tax clearance certificate?

  • The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has implemented an improved Tax Compliance Status System as part of our ongoing efforts to increase compliance and make it even simpler for taxpayers to manage their tax affairs.
  • This was done as part of our ongoing endeavor to improve compliance.
  • Beginning on November 2, 2019, the practice of physically issuing Tax Clearance Certificates (TCCs) was discontinued.

How much does it cost to get a tax clearance certificate in South Africa?

This post will guide you through the process of acquiring a Tax Clearance Certificate from SARS in South Africa in the quickest and most convenient manner possible. Tip from an Industry Professional: If you want your own Tax Clearance Certificate at SARS within 24 hours for just R590, you may save time by phoning us at 0800 007 269.

How do I check my tax clearance?

Verifying that a taxpayer possesses a Tax Clearance Certificate may be accomplished through the use of either the Revenue Online Service (ROS) or the Government Networks. How to check the status of your tax clearance

  1. Enter the case’s Tax Reference Number as well as its Tax Clearance Access Number
  2. Click the ″Add″ button
  3. Choose the ‘Verify’ option
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Can you print tax clearance certificate on eFiling?

One is now able to print a tax clearing certificate online as a result of the implementation of the new system for tracking tax compliance status. The system will create a valid tax clearing certificate for the tax payer to use once the SARS efiling application has been completed successfully. This certificate may then be used by the tax payer.

How do I get SARS certified by email?

You can send an email to SARS at any of the following addresses: [email protected] is the email address for tax practitioners. Email us at [email protected] if you are a taxpayer.

What do you need for a tax clearance certificate?

  • When applying for a Tax Clearance Certificate for your company, you will need the following documents: an income tax reference number for the company, a certified copy of the director or public officer of the company’s identification, or a valid passport if the applicant is from a country outside of South Africa, a signed SARS application form, and a tax clearance certificate application form.

How do I get my SARS letter online?

You have access to the following avenues via which you can make a request for a notification of registration:

  1. E-Filing: Once you have joined in to e-Filing, navigate to the ″Home″ page and click on the ″Notice of registration″ icon to acquire your IT150
  2. SMS: Send a message requesting the issuance of the IT150 (Tax reference number) to SARS at the number 47277 in a text message

How long is a tax clearance certificate valid?

Your Tax Clearance Certificate will continue to be valid so long as you continue to comply with tax laws. This indicates that there is no requirement for a termination date to be included on the certificate.

How long does a clearance certificate take?

How long does it take to get the Clearance Certificate after it has been applied for? From the day that the entire application is received at the Criminal Record Centre until the day that the Clearance Certificate is granted, the typical amount of time required is around 14 working days.

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What is the tax certificate for?

A tax certificate is a document that certifies the contributions that you made to a retirement fund during the tax year. This certificate is provided by the administrator of the retirement fund that you participate in. Generally speaking, only retirement annuity funds may benefit from their use.

Can SARS email me my tax number?

  • Visit the homepage of this website, which can be found at
  • The taxpayer or registered representative for that tax type will get a text message or email and will be required to authorize the transfer request.
  • Within the SARS eFiling area, select the option to ″Manage Tax Type Transfer.″ Fill out the online form by entering your tax reference and identification number, if applicable.

Does tax clearance certificate expire?

The tax clearance certificates that enterprises and individuals presently possess will automatically expire on the 25th of October 2019, and as a result, they will be required to submit an application for a new certificate as a result of the new system that is being introduced. This PINS will be active for a period of one year.

How can I get TCS certificate online?

First, visit the TRACES website and log in by providing the following information: ″User ID, Password, TAN of the Deductor, and the Verification Code.″ Step 2: The landing page will be presented to the user. Before making the request for Form 27D, you need to first verify the status of your statement using the ″Statement / Payment Tab.″

What is tax clearance certificate?

A tax clearing certificate, often known as a TCC, is a document that confirms an applicant’s tax affairs are in order and is provided by the South African Revenue Service (SARS). TCCs are necessary for emigration, tender applications, and reflecting ″excellent standing.″ They are also required for the aim of attracting foreign investment.

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