How To Get A Copy Of My Dba Certificate?

It is possible to obtain a copy or certificate of a DBA online, which is the most convenient method. If you look for the entity on the website of your state, you should be able to submit a request for a copy there, even if each state will have its own procedure for doing so.

How do I file a DBA?

The filing of a DBA must typically be done in person and can take place either at the office of the county clerk or at the department of the state, depending on the state in which you wish to do business. It is possible that a state will not need the registering of a name at all under certain exceptional circumstances.

What is a certificate of assumed name (DBA)?

Companies that do business under a name that is different from their official name are required to get a ″Certificate of Assumed Name.″ In certain circles, this document is also referred to as the ″doing business as″ (DBA) certificate. Companies are required to submit the certificate to the Department of State in the state of New York (NYSDOS).

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