How Does Delta Companion Certificate Work?

  1. You are able to buy two round-trip tickets inside the United States using the Delta Companion Certificate for the price of one, plus any applicable taxes and fees that are up to $75.
  2. It comes with some but not all of the cards that have the Delta co-brand on them.
  3. There are several Certificates that do not permit premium cabin tickets, and there are no Certificates that permit international travel.

Can I let someone else use my Delta companion ticket?

It is not possible to sell or give away companion tickets. Your Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card and/or eCredits are required to be used in order to purchase both the Primary Ticket and the Companion Ticket.

Can I use my Delta companion ticket for myself?

It’s essentially a voucher for domestic flights that lets you buy one and receive the second one free. If you buy a ticket for yourself that goes in both directions, you can invite a friend along for the price of the additional taxes and fees. Learn more about the best credit cards for travel rewards by reading our insider’s guide.

Do Delta companion certificates expire?

Delta has inconspicuously prolonged the validity of valued companion certificates all the way until December 31, 2021. That ought to provide you with a significant amount of additional time to make advantage of this useful benefit.

Is Delta refunding companion certificate?

Approach Completed. The Companion Certificates that come with Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Cards are now, once again, usable for reservations made with Delta One. Be aware, however, that the only alternative you will have will be to purchase a refundable fee, which will be more expensive than purchasing a ticket that cannot be refunded.

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