How Do I Get A Tax Clearance Certificate In Nigeria?

  • An individual or a firm can submit the necessary paperwork to receive a tax clearance certificate.
  • The process of issuing a tax clearance certificate often takes place in arrears over a period of three years.
  • In order to be qualified for a tax clearing certificate in Nigeria, you are required to have submitted your tax returns to the appropriate government over the course of a period of three years.

How to register a company with firs in Nigeria?

  • Generally speaking, the FIRS will retain offices in virtually all of the local government areas.
  • You are need to register with the Integrated Office on Bode Thomas in order to conduct business if your office is located in the Surulere neighborhood.
  • Following the completion of registration, a Tax Identification Number will be issued to your business (TIN).
  • Every transaction you engage in involving taxes, such as VAT and WHT, will need the use of your TIN.

What is tax clearance certificate verification system?

It will make it possible for staff at the Financial Intelligence and Research Service (FIRS) and authorized third parties to review tax clearance certificates, which will result in a decreased number of false certifications. It is more convenient for the taxpayer because he or she may apply for a tax clearing certificate even while remaining in the convenience of their own home or business.

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