How Can I Get My Birth Certificate From Puerto Rico?

You can get a birth certificate by submitting an application to the Puerto Rico Vital Statistics Record Office, which must be filled out completely and then mailed in.You are need to submit a photocopy of a current picture identification issued by the government, such as a passport or driver’s license, together with your application.Approval will be required for any and all other types of picture identification issued by the government.

Where can I get a copy of my Puerto Rican birth certificate?

Registro Demográfico de Puerto Rico. Fernandez Juncos Station. PO Box 11854. San Juan, PR 00910. The limit is three copies per year. You may also place an order for a copy of your birth certificate by using the internet or the telephone.

How do I get a copy of my birth certificate?

You must be a resident of either the District of Columbia or a state in the United States in order to submit a written request for a copy of your birth certificate. Get in touch with the registrar office in your area. Visit the registrant’s office that is most convenient for you if you live in Puerto Rico; this will allow you to submit a request for a copy of your birth certificate.

What do I need to apply for a Puerto Rican passport?

Use of the mail-in service is recommended for Puerto Ricans who live beyond the island because it is the most convenient choice. All applications sent by mail are required to include a copy of a current picture identification along with a birth certificate application that has been filled out, signed, and dated. The driver’s license is one of the types of identification that are acceptable.

How do I get a marriage license in Puerto Rico?

The telephone number to call if you want further information or if you need to verify the current costs is (787) 767-9120. The typical wait time for requests is six weeks. In order to wed in Puerto Rico, prospective spouses must first obtain a Marriage License from the appropriate office of the Demographic Registry.

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How long does it take to get a birth certificate from Puerto Rico?

The total processing time is about three to five business days, in addition to the time needed for shipment.

Do birth certificates from Puerto Rico expire?

If you were born in Puerto Rico, your birth certificate will be valid until July 1, 2010, even though this information is not often included on birth certificates. According to a law that was approved in Puerto Rico in January, all Puerto Rican birth certificates would be rendered void after the aforementioned date.

Is Puerto Rico a US birth certificate?

When applying for a passport book or card, Puerto Rican birth certificates that were issued before July 1, 2010, will not be recognized as main proof of citizenship in the United States. To qualify as main proof of United States citizenship, a Puerto Rican birth certificate must have been issued on or after July 1, 2010, to be valid.

How do I get a copy of my marriage certificate from Puerto Rico?

Observations: The Central Office of the Demographic Registry possesses records that apply to all citizens who have married as of June 22, 1931. You can request copies of previous records by writing to the Local Registrar’s Office in the municipality where the event took place and asking for them there.

What is the fastest way to get a birth certificate from Puerto Rico?

In order to facilitate the speedy acquisition of replacement birth certificates, the Government of Puerto Rico has formed a strategic alliance with the document services provider VitalChek.Please visit in order to submit your application via this manner.In addition, Vital Check has a multilingual customer service contact center that is open all day, every day of the week.

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Is VitalChek legit?

VitalChek has been an official, government-authorized service enabling citizens to safely order verified birth certificates and other important documents from official government offices around the nation for the past 25 years. This service is provided by VitalChek.

How can I get my birth certificate from Puerto Rico online?

You may also place an order for a copy of your birth certificate by using the internet or the telephone. If you submit your request to the Demographic Registry directly through, you are guaranteed to get your documents within 5 to 10 business days. The first copy will cost you $7.00, and each additional copy will cost $12.00. Shipping & handling is $2.00.

Is Puerto Rico ID valid in the US?

Even though Puerto Rico is not a state, the island is considered a part of the United States, and as such, all forms of identity issued by the Puerto Rican government are accepted across the country.

Can you use a Puerto Rico birth certificate for an I 9?

As of December 31, 2010, any certified copy of a Puerto Rico birth certificate can be used for the purposes of the Form I-9.

Where is the registered number on a Puerto Rico birth certificate?

The identifying number for the birth certificate may be found in the top right hand corner on the certificate copy of each and every birth certificate that is issued in the United States of America.

How can I get a Puerto Rico ID?

Therefore, double check that you have brought all of the things that are on this list!

  1. Before you may purchase stamps, you must first go to a Collecturia.
  2. You can print the application by going online to the following website: – Services – Forms – DTOP-DIS-260.
  3. Bring along the current version of your driver’s license.
  4. A laminate-resistant copy of the original Social Security card
  5. United States passport
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How do u get a new birth certificate?


  1. Complete the form for a Certificate of Live Birth and deliver it to the City Civil Registry Department together with the additional necessary
  2. The customer will be given a registry number when the receiving clerk verifies that all of the prerequisites have been met and issues the number.
  3. At long last, the paperwork will be made available to the registrant by the clerk

How do I find public records in Puerto Rico?

You may search for records of federal civil and criminal courts in Puerto Rico using the PACER system. You can search for documents using the case number, party name, filing date, or most recent update. Provides dockets and papers. Registration with PACER in addition to a nominal charge is necessary.

Does ancestry have records from Puerto Rico?

Ancestry Corporate has recently added new Puerto Rico records and research guides. A new collection of more than 5 million vital records from Puerto Rico has recently been made available on our website. The process of registering citizens in Puerto Rico began in 1885, and the resulting documents can contain a wealth of information, even occasionally mentioning multiple generations.

How do I get divorce papers from Puerto Rico?

You can get the most up-to-date fee information by calling 787-765-2929 Ext.6131 or looking it up online at the National Center for Health Statistics or the Departamento de Salud, Gobierno de Puerto Rico, for information in Spanish.Both of these resources are available on the island of Puerto Rico.Records referring to divorces that were recorded as early as 1941 may be found in the Central Office of the Demographic Registry.

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