Artists certificate of authenticity

How do I get a certificate of authenticity for my artwork?

You can ask the gallery to provide a certificate of authenticity (COA)—a signed document that verifies the artwork’s authenticity—with your purchase. Most COAs are signed by the artist, though others will be signed by the representing gallery or the printmaker who collaborated with the artist on the work.

Does a certificate of authenticity mean anything?

It is commonly a seal on paper authenticating a specific art work which and is made to demonstrate that the item is authentic. Computer COAs have a license number on them, which verifies that the program is a genuine, legal copy.

How can you tell if a certificate of authenticity is real?

A matching sticker can be found on the certificate of authenticity that is issued to the owner of the signed item. That serial number can be searched on the Genuine COA website Authentication search feature, and the details of the signing are made available to the person utilizing the search.

How do you write a letter of authenticity?

Letter of Authenticity

  1. Include the official title or name of the item, artwork or collectible.
  2. State what materials and medium was used to create the piece, such as “moulded out of pure . …
  3. Include the name of the creator, what year it was made, and in what country.
  4. Specify any relevant technical details, such as dimensions.

Can I make my own certificate of authenticity?

If you know what you need to include, it’s quite easy to make your own certificate of authenticity. Just make sure that all the information you’re entering is recent and correct. Verify all your information before you give out the certificate along with the item you’re selling.

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