10 cent military payment certificate

How much is a 10 cent Military Payment Certificate worth?

Value of Series 481 Ten Cents MPC

The average series 481 ten cents military payment certificate is probably only worth one or two dollars. They are common because they were literally used all around the world.

What is the value of military payment certificate?

Even extremely common notes can be worth decent money if they are in absolutely perfect condition. For example, the value of the most common MPC might be $1 in average condition. However, the price could be as much as $40 if it is gem uncirculated.

What is a military certificate?

Military payment certificates, or MPC, were a form of currency used to pay U.S. military personnel in certain foreign countries. They were used in one area or another from a few months after the end of World War II until a few months after the end of U.S. participation in the Vietnam War – from 1946 until 1973.

Who is the woman on the Military Payment Certificate Series 641?

Issued from August of 1965 until October of 1968, this $5 Military Payment Certificate is known to collectors as a “Medusa” note because of the hairstyle of the woman on the obverse – whose actual name is “Laura.” Unlike standard U.S. currency, these notes were issued during the Vietnam War to soldiers serving overseas …

Did Vietnam soldiers get paid?

Vietnam War

New soldiers pocketing $78 would have a salary that equates to 642.71 now, while those with over four months of service who pocketed $83.20 were receiving the equivalent of $685.56 in today’s dollars.

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What is your service Certificate Number military?

In the modern military, your service number is your SSN. Not sure about certificate. … If you need your selective service number there is a website that can find that for you.

How do I get my military certificates?

Where Can You Get a Military Service Certificates? You can get information from the Defense Department Manpower Center (DMDC) site, but that site is most reliable if you have the person’s Social Security number.

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