Wa state teaching certificate

How long does it take to get a teaching certificate in Washington state?

Complete in two years—bachelor’s degree required to apply. First-time teacher certification applicants in Washington must apply for their Residency Teacher Certificate.

Is there a teacher shortage in Washington state?

Washington state continues to face a critical teacher shortage. … Based on a survey of all 1,834 limited certificated teachers in the state, the study found that more than two-thirds of those who responded were interested in pursuing full teacher certification.

Do you need a teaching certificate to substitute teach in Washington state?

The Substitute Certificate requires the same level of preparation as a regular Teaching Certificate. … If you recently graduated from a state of Washington college/university preparation program and have not been issued a certificate please contact your institution for assistance.

How much does a first year teacher make in Washington state?

Share storyBase SalaryTotalFirst-year$34,048$44,372Mid-career$44,790$59,444Veteran$60,661$79,788

How do I get a teaching certificate in Washington state?

Washington Teachers Licensing Application Process

  1. Proof of clearance of background check.
  2. Official transcripts showing proof of bachelor’s degree.
  3. Proof of teacher program completion at an approved teacher preparation school.
  4. Passing scores on the required examinations.

What is the average salary for a teacher in Washington state?


What is the highest paying school district in Washington state?

Everett School District

What states pay the most for teachers?

Here are the 10 states with the highest teacher pay:

  • New York ($83,585)
  • California ($81,126)
  • Massachusetts ($79,710)
  • Connecticut ($73,113)
  • New Jersey ($69,917)
  • Maryland ($69,671)
  • Pennsylvania ($67,398)
  • Rhode Island ($66,758)

How much do substitute teachers make in Washington state?

Substitute Teacher Salary by StateStateAverage Annual WageBottom 10% Annual WageWashington$38,590$31,420West Virginia$36,430$19,120Wisconsin$33,830$25,210Wyoming$30,440$25,400

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Can I substitute teach without a degree?

Even though there are no state guidelines governing the credentials necessary to substitute teach, substitutes still are extremely hard to find. Not even a high school diploma is required, although individual districts may require the diploma or a college degree.

How do I become an emergency substitute teacher in Washington state?

The minimum requirement to pursue alternative certification for teachers in Washington is an associate’s degree, although most routes require at least a bachelor’s. Candidates may then follow one of several paths, which typically require candidates to complete a post-graduate teacher preparation program.

How much do teachers make in Washington state per hour?

Job openings for Student TeacherRelated jobsAverage salaryTeacher$42,795 per yearTutor$25.10 per hourEnglish Teacher$49,688 per yearElementary School Teacher$68,327 per year

Do Washington state teachers get a pension?

As a teacher for the state of Washington, you are automatically enrolled in the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS). This program is designed to give you monthly pension payments after you retire from teaching. TRS allows teachers to personalize their retirement benefits by offering two separate retirement plans.

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