Safety management certificate

What is the difference between DOC and SMC?

5 “Document of Compliance” (DOC) means a document issued to a Company which complies with the requirements of the ISM Code. … 6 “Safety Management Certificate” (SMC) means a document issued to a ship which signifies that the Company and its shipboard management operate in accordance with the approved SMS.

What is the document of compliance?

Document of Compliance (DOC). The DOC is a certificate issued to a shipping company which complies with the requirements of the ISM-Code. The DOC confirms the types of ships which may be operated by the company, e.g., container ships or oil tankers.

What is an ISM Certified vessel?

Domestic Vessel Regulatory Oversight Programs

The International Safety Management (ISM) Code is an international standard for the safe operation of ships and for pollution prevention. Chapter IX of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires compliance with the ISM Code.

How is SMC obtained?

A Safety Management Certificate is issued to the ship of a DOC holding Company by the administration. … If a company owns 25 oil tanker ships, then SMC is issued to each ship with total of 25 SMC. SMC is issued after successfully auditing the ship for making sure that it is operating as per the SMS based on ISM code.29 мая 2020 г.

What does a safety management system consist of?

A safety management system (SMS) is a management system designed to manage safety elements in the workplace. It includes policy, objectives, plans, procedures, organisation, responsibilities and other measures.

What is a DOC file?

In computing, DOC or doc (an abbreviation of “document”) is a filename extension for word processing documents, most commonly in the proprietary Microsoft Word Binary File Format. … These uses for the extension have largely disappeared from the PC world.

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What is a compliance checklist?

A compliance audit checklist is a tool used by external and internal auditors to determine the organization’s compliance with government regulations, industry standards, or internal policies. Compliance checklists help discover gaps in processes that can be improved in order to meet requirements.

What is a Solas certificate?

SOLAS Certificates

The SOLAS Convention establishes safety standards for the equipment, construction and operation of merchant ships. Ships of party nations must carry various SOLAS certificates on board, including the following.

What is report on compliance?

A Report on Compliance is a report documenting detailed results from a PCI DSS assessment. A ROC must be completed by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) after an audit, and subsequently submitted to the merchant’s acquirer. The acquirer, after accepting the ROC, sends it to the payment brand for verification.

What is the meaning of Solas?

Safety Of Life At Sea

What does ISM mean?

a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory

What is the meaning of ISPS?

International Ship and Port Facility Security Code

What is ISM Code?

International Safety Management

What is interim document of compliance?

Interim DOC

An Interim Document of Compliance certificate may be issued to help set up a company’s safety management system when— A company is newly set up or in transition from an existing company into a new company; or.21 мая 2016 г.

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