American airlines gift certificate

Does American Airlines have gift certificates?

You can use up to eight (8) Gift Cards at one time toward the purchase of a ticket to hundreds of exciting destinations throughout the world. And, with no expiration date or fees, American Airlines Gift Cards are perfect for any occasion. Terms and Conditions apply.

How do I redeem an American Airlines Gift Card?

Gift cards are redeemable online at or by calling reservations, for which an additional ticketing charge may apply and must be paid separately with a valid credit or debit card. Gift cards cannot be redeemed at airport ticket counters or through travel agents.

Where can I get American Airlines gift cards?

Purchasing Gift Cards

You can also purchase American Airlines Gift Cards by calling American Airlines Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT at 1-800-677-9555 (shipping and handling fees apply).

What airlines offer gift certificates?

Airline Gift Cards

  • Southwest Airlines Gift Card. by Southwest Airlines. In Stock. …
  • Airbnb Gift Card. by Airbnb. …
  • United Airlines. by United Airlines. …
  • Fly Delta. by Delta Air Lines, Inc. …
  • Pick2Pay – Credit Card Rewards. by Pick2Pay. …
  • Gift Card – Email Delivery. by …
  • Uber Gift Card $50. by Uber. …
  • Gift Card. by

How many AAdvantage miles do I need for a gift card?

25,000 miles

Does Costco sell American Airlines giftcards?

To continue my series this week on travel discounts at Costco, you can buy $300 American Airlines gift cards for only $270, a 10% discount. … You can’t use Visa or MasterCard at Costco stores, and although I have SPG and Hilton AmEx cards I like to take a different approach.

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How do I redeem a gift card for a flight?

How to redeem your Flightgift

  1. Go to and click on ‘Book’
  2. Select any flight of 300+ airlines.
  3. Enter your Flightgiftgift value code on the payment page.
  4. Print your booking confirmation.
  5. Enjoy your trip!

Can you buy AA miles with gift card?

Yes, you can redeem American Airlines miles for gift cards for a wide variety of merchants for both online purchases and in-person shopping.30 мая 2019 г.

Can you buy plane tickets without a date?

An open-ended airline ticket is a flight ticket which has no set date for the return leg of the flight, giving you the flexibility to return whenever you’d like with no set date.

Can you gift airline tickets?

Airline ticket: Yes, you can buy someone else an airline ticket. You also can use your frequent flier miles to buy someone else an airline ticket, which is far cheaper than trying to buy miles or transfer your miles to them.

Can you buy a plane ticket to use anytime?

They can be changed anytime and many times airlines give priority to award tickets over regular fares. There may be some restrictions such as booking prior to a certain time period (say 24, 48,72 hours in advance) and there may be some blackouts or other restrictions.

What is the best travel gift card?

15 Gift Cards Any Traveler Will Love

  • Southwest Airlines Gift Card. …
  • Gift Card. …
  • Gift Card. …
  • ClassPass Gift Card. …
  • StubHub. …
  • Airbnb Gift Card. …
  • eBags Gift Card. …
  • Zappos Gift Card.
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Are airline gift cards a good idea?

The airline may also charge extra fees the gift card recipient will have to pay out of pocket, so checking the airline’s baggage and other fees before making your gift card purchase is a good idea.

Do flight gift cards work?

Flight vouchers are valid for flights only and cannot be used to book rental cars, hotels, or other extras. Any unused amount will be reissued in the form of another voucher, though pay attention to expiration dates.

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